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STRAIT UNDERCOVER, starring Race Eberhardt, is a feature-length action-comedy where a government agent is forced out of retirement when a crooked politician strong arms his way through a shady political campaign.  


The film revels in the tropes of direct-to-video style action thrillers, even boasting the catch phrase, He’s like Steven Seagal but with the power of an extra chromosome. 

Produced and filmed by Fish & Crown Creative, a full service video production company with 11 + years of experience and comprised of a highly creative and dedicated crew. 

Your everyday kind of SUPER HERO.

the film
The facts
Theater Marquee Lights


95of characters with disabilities

are played by able-bodied actors

on television instead of ACTORS


Yet less than 3%  of scripted characters on PRIMETIME TV have disabilities. 

61 MILLION Americans currently live with some

form of a disability.

The mission

20% of American households have a connection to a person with a disability. By creating this film, we aim to bring more appropriate representation of special needs actors to the big screen. 

Help us fight for a change and prove those with special needs have NO LIMITATIONS.

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