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Somebody's  gotta make this movie... these are those people

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 Bruce Danielson 

Strait Undercover_BTS_154.jpg

 The Goons 






About Fish & Crown...

Fish & Crown Creative is a full service video production company in the heart of Rochester, NY. We’re a down-to-earth team of writers, editors, & videographers with a passion for telling stories in engaging and visually beautiful ways. We've teamed with lots of super talented artists, writers and filmmakers in Western NY to make this film happen. While commercial client work is how we make our living, one of a kind stories like Strait Undercover is our passion. You can check out our commercial work at


In no particular order we love: cool new technology, junky old technology, great food, beer, friends, laughter, creating something from nothing, thrifting, being outdoors, interesting people, weird art, making things happen, giving life a thumbs up!

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